Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Remember about the post I wrote a couple weeks back on Soulscape?
Well, I had such a blast last weekend attending it.
It was such a wonderful event with yogis attending it, sharing a common interest and practicing and having fun while keeping a healthy lifestyle!
Greatly organized by IntheLoop, Soulscape proved to be an event worth coming to.
I hope it'll be an annual affair with greater turnouts every year. 
We had the opportunity to try out different forms of yoga such as Surfset, Slacklining, Acro-yoga  and etc. Who knew that there were so many variations of yoga huh!  
 I was most excited for Surfset though. Its located so near my office but I've been so afraid to try it. So glad I had the chance to have a feel on what it actually does. 
Talk about CORE-WORK. 
Workshops were also held at different areas of Tanjong Beach. 
Booths from different vendors such as True Yoga, Lululemon, Lotus Wei were all part of the event as well. I had the opportunity to soak up some sun while browsing around the different booths!

Juice Cleanse are gaining more popularity amongst Singaporeans and what better way to quench thirst with some guilt free beverages. Rejuicenate had a booth over and we had the chance to taste some of their juices. 
Pssst: I love COCONUT water. IT'S AMAZING.

We had the opportunity to have different forms of body art like temporary tattoos and even UV paint!  
One of the highlights of the event must be the Sunset Yoga done by True Yoga.
the empty beach was soon filled with yoga enthusiasts vying for the best spots in the luscious sand. 
I had such a wonderful time at Soulscape 2014 and am definitely looking forward to the next.
My body was still aching from 2 months of hiatus from yoga.

Till then,

Friday, October 17, 2014


I am a great fan of food. 
yes, I'm a glutton. LOL
If you've read my blog before, I have had food tastings at Ricciotti and the experience is just awesome. This time, I'm back to write about their 10th Anniversary Party held at their Riverwalk branch.
In conjunction with its tenth anniversary, Noor Holdings officially underwent significant changes
to provide its customers with a new dining experience by developing two different concepts.
 The outlet at Riverwalk is now known as Ricciotti (formerly known as Ricciotti Pizza Pasta Grill).
At Ricciotti, they aim to offer new contemporary, rustic and industrial design. 
This new change will reflect the concept of a trendy home-style Italian meal – one that’s steeped in warmth and comfort within a design ambience.
We had the chance to taste their new dishes during the party and boy, it was so gratifying! 
Polenta Herb Fries
Octopus Carpaccio 
Asparagi Alla Griglia
Nizzarda Salad
I loved how this platter was being served. 
Its so rustic and simple.
I would recommend the Nizzarda Salad and Polenta Herb Fries. 
This 2 dishes really surprised me. For one, i don't eat raw food but the tuna was just so good! I wish I had more to go around:( 
The Herb fries felt a little bready. Yes, bread- dy but good.
Gnocchi Al Gorgonzola
Linguine Al Granchio
Risotto Al Frutti Di Mare
I have never tasted a Gnocchi before and this totally set the mark for it.
it's so soft and fluffy and literally melts in your mouth.
The cheese sauce made it even more addictive.
Cod Fillet
Chicken Skewers
Grilled Pork Ribs
Al Tartufo Pizza
Porcine Scamorza Pizza
I loved how the mushy quail eggs compliments the truffle.
Yes, that black thing is truffle.
Forget truffle fries, Truffle pizza might be the next big thing!
We also had the opportunity to see the unveiling of an Italian artist work. 
She even did the finishing touches on the spot. 
Canella Sweet Pizza
Carrot Cake
don't be pissed when you do not see the chocolate oozing out from this.
THIS IS NOT A LAVA CAKE. It's a Soffiatto!
Hello Melvin and Jacqueline:)
The annoying Sam was there as HP's plus one and obviously he's not FULL.
Hello Tehpeng and Joey!
Thank you Publicis PR and Ricciotti for the invite:)

Till then,