Tuesday, September 16, 2014


the other day when Sam came over, I showed him a book.
It's not just another ordinary novel which I have, it's one that I compiled by myself.
My 21st Birthday book.
Yes, unlike many others who have their guest sign a guestbook, I had things written in it.
Like how I met them, who they were and how they are.
It was nice, looking back at how the 3 years ago me writes. Pretty laughable actually.
It was actually nice to take that book out and read it once in a while. For a moment, I actually forgot the book existed until I saw it tucked away in my cupboard.

As Sam was flipping through, looking at the Polaroids and just reading through what I had written, a sudden whelm of emotions just came gushing into my brain. 
Where have all these people gone to?
The once so-close friends just gradually becomes Facebook friends.
We now barely exchange a few texts, pretty much no meetups and a part of me hates to admit this but maybe they just forgot. forgot about my existence.

It's sad isn't it.

I remember Sam asking me, "Why do you have so many whatsapp groups on your phone, don't you ever delete?" 
I replied, "the fact that I have so many whatsapp groups makes me realize that I'm still part of something. I secretly hope that those 'lost friends' will try to reconnect and have messages POP up from those groups"

If you're reading this, and was a part of my life, pick up the phone and text me. 
So that I know that I'm not forgotten. 

till then,

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Samsung: YG Family Press Conference ‏ 2014

As I'm typing this out now, there's thousands of fans screaming and dancing their hearts out at the YG FAMILY CONCERT.
This might be the largest kpop event held in Singapore this year!
I was kindly invited by Samsung to attend the press conference held a couple days ago.
Artists were dressed uniformly in colour schemes of black and white – with most of the YG artistes donning shades too. 
Performing artists includes: 
Epik High
the press conference had the artist answer some really interesting questions.
Question to 2NE1: 
What would you be interested in trying other than singing.
 Dara: I would love to try out acting, just like TOP oppa (from Big bang)
TOP: Why don't you demostrate a crying scene for us now?
Dara: -giggles- I'd rather do a kissing scene! I'd like to try it out with (Epik High's) Mithra Jin -everyone laughs-
Question to Big Bang:
What or Who is your music inspiration?
T.O.P: We are inspired by our juniors, WINNER because they are winner already. And also, we would love to do a collaboration with 2NE1 and Epik High, they are our inspirations.
Question to WINNER:
What is the most memorable thing for you guys as a group since debut?
Seungyoon: Our most memorable thing would have to be this YG family concert tour.
Host: Why is this so?
Seungyoon: It is because we get the chance to perform on stage with our seniors and to travel to places and learn new things, it is very memorable to us.
Question to Epik High:
Who do you want to collaborate with?
Tablo: I want to work with our CEO Yang Hyuk Suk. It would be a rap and dance Collaboration.
Throughout the whole press conference, the artists were seen using the new Samsung GALAXY ALPHA 4G+. Constantly taking selfies and wefies, this phone looks really promising.

Despite the late post, I'm sure kpop fans had one of the best weekend they could ever have.

Photo credits: Michelle Lim (Michhysaurous)

till then,

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Killing Fields

The killing fields was one of the most memorable places I've been in my entire life.
I headed to Cambodia not knowing what to expect and I knew nuts about the history behind it. All I knew was I HAD to visit the killing fields and S-21. 
Hired a tuktuk for the day which brought me to those 2 places. 
The Killing Fields and my hotel was quite a distance away. 30 minutes to be exact. 
The ride wasn't ideal at all. Imagine uneven roads and hectic traffic. 
Don't be fooled by this pretty exterior.
I could never imagine that this place was where tons of innocent lives were taken from in the most brutal and unforgiving ways. 
Audio devices.
You could either opt for the tour or just get one of these devices and walk around by yourself.
These audios included real life accounts from survivors and the history behind every spot you were standing at.
despite it being a tourist-must-go, the place is quiet.
very quiet. Too quiet to the extend that you could hear distant cries from years ago.
It's so emotional.
I couldn't refrain myself from shedding a couple of teardrops because it was just too hard to control.
The vulnerability the prisoners felt.
The things they were put through.
It was just unbearable.
It made me realize there's so much more to life than hating on one another.
Despite all the sadness I felt in The killing Fields, the day was super good.
Loving the clouds, the blue sky and the paddy fields.
Thank you Cambodia.

For more information:

till then,

Friday, September 5, 2014


I headed to Cambodia, Phnom Penh for a solo trip a couple weeks ago.
To be honest, I had no idea what to expect from the country but because it was my first solo trip out, I had to find a decent hotel so that my parents would feel at ease. 
Did some searching online and decided to book THE QUAY HOTEL.
I decided to pamper myself and got the paranomic suite and didn't regret one bit.
The room was huge and very comfortable.  I didn't manage to snap picture of the toliet but it's freakin huge! The rain shower was TO DIE FOR!
They don't serve buffet breakfast but what you do is to pick out from a list of variants and they'll deliver it to your room! 
Look at how hearty the breakfast is!  
I love having breakfast in the balcony. Staring out at the sea and staring into the clear blue skies, it was just magnificent. 
One night would cost approx about 80-90usd depending on which period you book!

I love the location of the hotel. 
Restaurants and cafes are easily found along the stretch of the road.
The grand palace and night markets are literally 5-10 minutes walk away!

For more information:

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Thursday, September 4, 2014


Are you an Ice-cream junkie just like me?
Well, I've got great news! 
F&N has collaborated with local culinary experts to introduce a range of artisanal ice-cream called, The Inspired Chef
I was kindly invited by IMSG and F&N to witness the launch of this amazing creation!
We do not have to head to local atas restaurants just to have our ice cream fix already.
Great news right?!!
The inaugural range of The Inspired Chef artisanal ice featured flavours by chefs Pang Kok
Keong of Antoinette, Janice Wong from 2am:dessert bar, and Willin Low of Wild Rocket
The specially concocted flavours are:
Double Peanut Fudge by Chef Wilin Low of Wild Rocket
Raspberry Cheesecake Rumble by Chef Pang Kok Keong of Antoinette
Caramel Popcorn Avalanche by Chef Janice Wong of 2am: dessert bar
Ms Strawberry Madeleine by Daniel Tay
Divine Chocolate Tart
 White Chocolate & Black Sesame 
Doesn't the name of the ice cream sound super enticing already?
My recommendation:)
We had the opportunity to taste a couple of the flavors and I must say, I am totally blown away by the Double Peanut Fudge and White Chocolate & Black Sesame!
The taste of peanut butter in Double Peanut Fudge literally lingers around your mouth and one scoop is definitely not enough! Who doesn't like peanut butter huh! 
The White Chocolate & Black Sesame is so unique because its like a combination of western and eastern culture. You have to try it. The black sesame taste aint that overpowering too!
Saw the lovely valentine there too:) 
 The Inspired Chef ice creams will retail at S$14.90 a pint (473ml) at:
 FairPrice Finest and FairPrice Xtra 
Consumers can also purchase these ice creams online via www.inspiredchef.sg

till then,

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


have been neglecting this space of mine for a couple of weeks now and there's so much happening in my life now, I don't know where to start.
So, lets start with this.

Xiang Hua and I have broken up and we've tried to make things work but it just didn't work out.
Most of my friends who knew about it was pretty much shocked because everything looked okay from Thailand and all. But hey, do you think couples would posts pictures of them arguing? no right? Problems between us have been on-going since a couple of months ago so there's that.
We are both getting on fine and yes, moving on with our lives.

Also, I headed over to Cambodia last weekend for my first Solo trip ever.
It was beautiful, life changing and very much an experience of a lifetime. 
I'd share this trip in details soon. 

Backlog posts!
So, I have a lot of posts to share with you guys and it should be out within the next couple of days.

till then,

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Had one the most amazing weekend over in Sunway at KL!
Was invited to catch the very hyped about MTV WORLD STAGE 2014 which was held at Sunway Lagoon, Surf beach. 

So, backtrack a little, I had to fly over a day after the media side cause I had work in the afternoon. 
Flew down to KL and cabbed over to Sunway. I haven't been to Sunway in a long long time and damn, I was super excited ok?! But then again, I have had bad experiences over at Sunway and it has to do with freakin HAIR. gross.
The moment I reach Sunway, I met up with Ck who graciously shared her room with me! 
Yay to saving money:) THANK YOU CK!!
Changed and got ready for World Stage!
Got my tickets and media pass and BAM, WE'RE ALL SET!
all geared up!
This might just be one of the most useful item they provided.
So, apparently they had to drain all the pool water from the surfing beach to setup a stage there and I must say, the before and after transformation is super different! 
It literally felt as though the stage was a permanent display! haha.
Back for the sixth year running, this year’s music line-up featured 4 international artistes of different genres, cultures and music from around the world – Thaitanium, Boys Republic, Yuna, and international hip hop rapper B.o.B, to an audience of over 10,000 fans.
We were given access to the VIP sector but decided to crash into the public sector just cause the crowd is more hyped and energetic. I swear, I media side was a little dull. No dancing no nothing:(
Thai-American hip hop group Thaitanium, comprising the five sons of Siam – Khan, Way, Day, Big Calo, and Tony B, opened the night with a medley of tracks! They were surprisingly good. Their beats, their lyrics and stage presence, just WOW. 
Universal Music Group International’s first K-pop idol group, Boys Republic, who made their MTV World Stage debut opening with their hit, “You Are Special”. 
Not a Korean Fan here but hey, the girls in the crowd went crazy and I even saw a couple of fangirls mouthing the lyrics to their songs. It must mean they are going on the right path huh? 
 I was most hyped about Malaysian Homegrown international singer-songwriter, Yuna as she sangthrough “Mountains” and “Lelaki"! Her voice is just oh-so-amazing and I especially love when she sang malay songs. It felt so authentic! 
This year's headliner was non other than B.O.B! Having had so much success in his music career, we were expecting nothing short of a GREAT, MIND-BLOWING performance and true enough, he did! Belting out songs like "Airplanes", "Price Tag" and even "billionaire", you cannot help but sing and dance to it!
He even got upclose and personal with the fans taking selfies and going beyond the barricades just to get closer.   
If you weren't able to attend the life concert, well, no worries!
MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014’s full show premieres on Wednesday, 20 August 2014 @ 6.30pm (WIB), 7.30pm (SG) and 8.30pm (MAL); Friday, 29 August @ 10pm (PH).

till the next MTV World Stage!