Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Had one the most amazing weekend over in Sunway at KL!
Was invited to catch the very hyped about MTV WORLD STAGE 2014 which was held at Sunway Lagoon, Surf beach. 

So, backtrack a little, I had to fly over a day after the media side cause I had work in the afternoon. 
Flew down to KL and cabbed over to Sunway. I haven't been to Sunway in a long long time and damn, I was super excited ok?! But then again, I have had bad experiences over at Sunway and it has to do with freakin HAIR. gross.
The moment I reach Sunway, I met up with Ck who graciously shared her room with me! 
Yay to saving money:) THANK YOU CK!!
Changed and got ready for World Stage!
Got my tickets and media pass and BAM, WE'RE ALL SET!
all geared up!
This might just be one of the most useful item they provided.
So, apparently they had to drain all the pool water from the surfing beach to setup a stage there and I must say, the before and after transformation is super different! 
It literally felt as though the stage was a permanent display! haha.
Back for the sixth year running, this year’s music line-up featured 4 international artistes of different genres, cultures and music from around the world – Thaitanium, Boys Republic, Yuna, and international hip hop rapper B.o.B, to an audience of over 10,000 fans.
We were given access to the VIP sector but decided to crash into the public sector just cause the crowd is more hyped and energetic. I swear, I media side was a little dull. No dancing no nothing:(
Thai-American hip hop group Thaitanium, comprising the five sons of Siam – Khan, Way, Day, Big Calo, and Tony B, opened the night with a medley of tracks! They were surprisingly good. Their beats, their lyrics and stage presence, just WOW. 
Universal Music Group International’s first K-pop idol group, Boys Republic, who made their MTV World Stage debut opening with their hit, “You Are Special”. 
Not a Korean Fan here but hey, the girls in the crowd went crazy and I even saw a couple of fangirls mouthing the lyrics to their songs. It must mean they are going on the right path huh? 
 I was most hyped about Malaysian Homegrown international singer-songwriter, Yuna as she sangthrough “Mountains” and “Lelaki"! Her voice is just oh-so-amazing and I especially love when she sang malay songs. It felt so authentic! 
This year's headliner was non other than B.O.B! Having had so much success in his music career, we were expecting nothing short of a GREAT, MIND-BLOWING performance and true enough, he did! Belting out songs like "Airplanes", "Price Tag" and even "billionaire", you cannot help but sing and dance to it!
He even got upclose and personal with the fans taking selfies and going beyond the barricades just to get closer.   
If you weren't able to attend the life concert, well, no worries!
MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014’s full show premieres on Wednesday, 20 August 2014 @ 6.30pm (WIB), 7.30pm (SG) and 8.30pm (MAL); Friday, 29 August @ 10pm (PH).

till the next MTV World Stage!


Sunday, August 10, 2014


If you haven’t already heard of them, you might be living under a rock.
Maybe a 5-stone type of rock but yeah.
Formed in 2013, these 5 good looking chaps consisting of Paddy, Johnathan, Peng Sing, David and Jeryl, have had so many different opportunities to showcase and strut what they have. 
They have performed at Chiangmai international music festival last year, the just concluded, music matters live and they are currently in Madrid for ECOPOP festival ! #SINGAPORE REPRESENT
I first heard of Take Two when I was at last year’s SG MUSO’s house party. To be frank, I was there for The Sam Willows and Charlie Lim but hey, I got a little extra something out of that event! I got to know many other local act and I must say, that one major event that got me pretty hooked onto local music.
 I kindda forgot what they played but funny story here, my dad, being a typical Singaporean, got me one of their stickers which they had given out. HAHA. And that’s how I remember the name, TAKE TWO.
Peng Sing
Fast forward 6 months, I was standing in the crowd for the MADE IN SINGAPORE showcase and heard them actually play live and boy, I was blown away by their stage presence. Couple that with the very hilarious and must-watch Paddy’s signature leg dance, it pretty much brought the crowd to feel their feet and got them dancing and grooving to the songs. 
So a couple of months ago, we had the opportunity to crash of the boys’ rehearsal and we all had a laughing good time. We got the chance to know the boys a little better and frankly speaking, they are just like normal youths, doing what they love together and sharing that talent of theirs to the whole wide world.
No big deal for guys their age. No pun intended. HAHA

Stepping into their humble jamming studio, Joan, Michelle and I were warmly greeted by the boys and we got down to serious business.
It was good to know the guys on an intimate level. 
Their inside jokes, their characters and even their inner child!

We did a video interview and also did a song challenge which I've been procrastinating because video editing can be such a bitch. I'm gonna get it done soon! REAL SOON. 

I'm sorry for the horrible picture quality.
I wish I could blame the bad lighting but I think blaming it my camera is a better reason.
TAKE TWO might just be one of the most humble bands I personally know aside to The Sam Willows, Gentle Bones and even Charlie Lim.
Look out for our respective interviews we did at all our different social media platforms!
I promise you, nothing but pure entertainment!
Check them out and what can I say, SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC!!!

till then,

Thursday, August 7, 2014

simplest things

so, several things have happened in my life.
Yes, that sounded so damn serious. but yeah, changes.
Everyone is afraid of changes, afraid of changing the way your do things, afraid of trying new things. 
its just being comfortable and very complacent, I guess?

So, this entry is titled simplest things.
and I'm gonna write about something simple. something so simple it might bore your or even make you interested. But I do hope its the latter. haha.

You know how we take the simplest things for granted? 

Take for example, a pen. Pens may seem nothing to you when you don't need them. Notice the word, NEED? Well, whenever you NEED something, the need becomes a challenge.
Have you ever had a scenario where you need a pen desperately, maybe for signing an important document or doing school work or something along that line, and realize the pen that you have has no ink or you can't fucking find one? 
The frustration level then slowly increases.
 Because for some reason, you'll blame yourself. 
Blame yourself for not bringing a pen along wherever you go or even blame yourself for bringing out a pen with no ink. 
It's just one simple item, a pen, and it could just spoil your mood and even ruin that one-hundred million dollar deal. 

Another example, a flush.
The other day, I was in the office and needed the toilet urgently. I needed to pee. 
Yes, too much information. 
So, I went to the toilet and there was someone in the freakin' toilet. 
I waited for about 2 minutes and the guy came out. 
I couldn't wait another minute to let it all out but wait, the guy before me told me, THE FLUSH IS NOT WORKING.
I freaked, panicked. 
It was just at that moment where I realize, i the flush is not working, how am I gonna pee.
Pouring down water into the toilet bowl ain't gonna work. Ok, it might work but hey, who am I kidding, it's not gonna clean the whole thing right?
So, I tahan-ed for a while more and got the contractor to take a look and after 15 minutes, he rectified it.
By then, I was almost going to die of too much pee in my body. haha.
but yeah, never underestimate the power of the flush.

So, what I'm essentially saying here is, it's the simplest things that make us appreciate the other stuffs.
the good, the bad, the ugly and the pretty. 

ok, this is such a wordy post and practically have no fundamental meanings to it.
sorry if I've bored you. 
till then,

Sunday, August 3, 2014

My Singapore Project Charity Concert, with Lorraine Tan and CapitaLand Hope Foundation for President Challenge 2014‏

I'm not sure if you have seen this music video before but being an avid local music supporter, you've got to hear it! So, you must be thinking, why the random post uh?
Well, I'm here to share with you guys a very meaningful concert that will be coming up this August.

Every year, local Singer and Composer, Lorraine Tan, will dedicate a song to Singaporeans to inspire us to pursue our dreams and work towards our goals. Since two three years ago, Lorraine also added a charity element in this project to encourage fellow Singaporeans to also do their part for the society as they work towards their life goals. 
The official beneficiary this year is the President Challenge 2014.
Lorraine Tan will lead the concert line up and she will deliver a varied repertoire consisting of popular tunes, jazz numbers, community songs, all time favourite national day songs, as well as some of Lorraine’s own compositions.

I would encourage everyone, if you have financial means to do so, to opt to purchase the
Sponsor a Kid's Ticket @ $38
Help to sponsor a kid to attend the concert.
This ticket will be given complimentary to children who are needy, deserving or who are from schools that have participated actively in the charity fund raising project.

Official Beneficiary: President's Challenge 2014 (63 charities in Sg will benefit)
Presenting Sponsor: CapitaLand Hope Foundation
Guest of Honour: President Mr Tony Tan
Concert date: 12 Aug 2014 (Tuesday)
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: The Star Performing Arts Centre
Address: 1 Vista Exchange Green #04-01 Singapore 138617

As part of a special initiative, I have 3 pairs of tickets to giveaway!
"I WANNA BE PART OF #mysingapore MOMENTS OF LOVE CONCERT." and tag @tsezi
A selfie of yourself wearing RED or WHITE and hashtag #mysingapore #tselyngiveaway

Closing date: 8th August 2014
The concert is happening real soon and I really hope to see you guys there:)
Fingers crossed for winning the tickets!

till then,t


Hello fellow humans!
I'm back form a 8 days trip out to the land of smiles, Bangkok, Thailand!
It's the 2nd time spending my birthday overseas with the boyfriend and yeah, it was pretty awesome.
In fact, it was so chill we had so much time spent in the hotel, nua-ing and watching MTV.
Im not going to go in details on what we did because every other blogger I know has blogged about their trip out to Bangkok and I don't see a need to repeat it. So, Im just gonna talk about turning 24!
On a random note, this trip was really different.
Different for the both of us on so many levels.
I had no expectations for this trip and I didn't plan a single thing for this trip.
Having no expectations for the trip was a whole new different experience for me. Because whenever I have expectations, and I don't meet it, I get really frustrated and disappointed. 
So, having no expectations this time round, was super different for me. 
I had no clue where we were headed to and I let the boyfriend free-play on this special day of mine:)
Woke up with my favourite black forest cake for breakfast!
Favourite is not a 'good' word to use in this scenario because the cake wasn't from Hans and yeah, the cake was dry and not really nice. But hey, it's the thought that counts. At the very least, I had cherry! 
Its moments like this where I really appreciate my selfie camera:)  
turning 24 actually means nothing much to me.
24 is an age where you're still finding yourself and trying to brag hold of every opportunity thrown at you.
Many people my age have already found an aim in their lives and is on the path to making that aim a reality.
Sadly, for me, I'm still doing shit about mine.
And that's what scares me. 
Not being on the path/track of what I really want to be and focus on for my future.
24 is not young, neither old.
I have yet to see life and experience LIFE.
if you get what I mean. 
Sometimes we're just so hung up on the fact to get work/school done, we barely enjoy life and celebrate life itself. So, what I'm saying here is that being 24, I don't want to live life in regrets.
I wanna take that freakin' leap of faith and jump towards every opportunity thrown to me and make the best of it. I want to be that person who is not all talk and no action.
I want to actually do stuffs to enrich myself.
Make myself a more useful person, a better person.
the boyfriend really outdid himself this time with the surprise planning. 
Watching Step Up 5 in gold class, Headed to an authentic 2 hour relaxing spa/massage and a intimate river cruise dinner. 
Thank you<3 
the simplest wish I have for any 24 year old, is to be happy and live life.

till then,